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Research Lab Specialist


2018 –             Research Lab Specialist                                     University of Michigan

2017 – 18       Associate Research Scientist                              LDEO Columbia University

2016 – 17       Postdoctoral Research Scientist                        LDEO, Columbia University

2014 – 16       Postdoctoral Fellow                                             LDEO, Columbia University

2014               Visiting Faculty Lecturer, Oceans                      San Francisco State University

2012 – 13      Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow                        Autonomous University of Barcelona


Ph.D. (August 2012) Earth and Planetary Sciences; Field work in Eastern Pacific, North Pacific, California coast, etc.

University of California Santa Cruz  (Santa Cruz, CA)  2006-2012

Advisors: Christina Ravelo, Paul Koch

Dissertation: Pacific Ocean Pleistocene and Holocene surface temperature variability and implications for climate change

B.A., Geology, magna cum laude; Field work in Italy, Dominican Republic, Southern California, North Pacific

Carleton College  (Northfield, MN)  2002-2006


  • Oceanography, Climatology, past climate change, ENSO variability
  • Sedimentology, Stratigraphic Correlation, Geochronology
  • Sea-surface temperature reconstructions using stable isotopes (δ18O), molecular biomarkers (lipid ketones), and trace element (Mg, Ca, etc) geochemistry
  • Carbon cycle and pCOreconstruction via boron isotope (δ11B)
  • Data analysis and interpretation using MATLAB, R, GIS-style Ocean Data View, etc.
  • Data visualization using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, etc


2016           Co-PI on Climate and Life Award to host pCO2 conference ($10,000)

2014            EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (NSF – $174,000)

2012             Departmental Graduate Fellow, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UCSC ($5,000)

2010-2011    Consortium for Ocean Leadership – Schlanger Ocean Drilling Program Fellow ($28,000)

2010             Outstanding Presentation Award, International Conference on Paleoceanography

2009             CDELSI (Center for the Dynamics and Evolution of the Land-Sea Interface) Research Award ($1,500)

2008             Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

2006-2007    CDELSI Research Fellowship ($15,000)

2006              Duncan Stewart Fellow, Carleton College 


    • Use, maintenance, and budget for mass spectrometers, plasma spectrometers, clean rooms, lab management
    • Quantitative data analysis, interpretation, and visualization


    • Invited speaker at PAGES Warmer Worlds workshop, Lessons from Paleoclimate for a possible 1.5-2ºC warmer world in the future (April, 2017, Bern, Switzerland)
    • Co-organized Cenozoic paleo-CO2 conference (March, 2017, Palisades, NY)
    • Chaired American Geophysical Union session: Phanerozoic Temperature and pCO2 at Fall Meeting (2016, San Francisco, CA)
    • Attended the Professional Development Workshop for NSF Postdoctoral Researchers and teaching workshop with Steven Pollock (2016, Boulder, CO)
    • Teaching for a Diverse Student Body Symposium, 2015
    • Presentations for local student Career Days, 2015
    • 2014 – 16  Interviewed NYC Earth Science teacher candidates for Math for America fellowships
    • 2014 – 16  Columbia University Postdoctoral Society, governance body for postdoctoral scientists
    • Contributed content for Columbia University’s Earth Institute blog
    • Geoscience Leadership Symposium, Washington DC (2013). Attended this weeklong workshop, met with members of Congress to discuss Earth Science issues, met with NSF staff members to discuss future proposals
    • Volunteer work, weekly mentoring for local middle-school students, 2010-present.
    • Reviewed 2-3 proposals per year for National Science Foundation, 2013-2014
    • Judged Regional High School Science Fair, Santa Cruz County Science Fair, 2012
    • American Geophysical Union annual meeting presenter: 2007-2015
    • Oceanography cruise aboard RV Knorr 195-5 in eastern Pacific, Spring 2009
    • Coordinated interdepartmental acquisition of new instrumentation, New Wave Micromill, Fall 2008
    • Submarine paleo-coral sampling aboard HURL (Hawaii Undersea Research Lab), Fall 2006
    • Taught environmental science curriculum to local grade-school students, (volunteer) 2003-06.
    • Oceanography cruise aboard SSV Robert C. Seamans in north Pacific, Spring 2004