Research Lab Specialist


2018 –             Research Lab Specialist                                     University of Michigan

2017 – 18       Associate Research Scientist                              LDEO Columbia University

2016 – 17       Postdoctoral Research Scientist                        LDEO, Columbia University

2014 – 16       Postdoctoral Fellow                                             LDEO, Columbia University

2014               Visiting Faculty Lecturer, Oceans                      San Francisco State University

2012 – 13      Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow                        Autonomous University of Barcelona


Ph.D. (August 2012) Earth and Planetary Sciences; Field work in Eastern Pacific, North Pacific, California coast, etc.

University of California Santa Cruz  (Santa Cruz, CA)  2006-2012

Advisors: Christina Ravelo, Paul Koch

Dissertation: Pacific Ocean Pleistocene and Holocene surface temperature variability and implications for climate change

B.A., Geology, magna cum laude; Field work in Italy, Dominican Republic, Southern California, North Pacific

Carleton College  (Northfield, MN)  2002-2006


  • Oceanography, Climatology, past climate change, ENSO variability
  • Sedimentology, Stratigraphic Correlation, Geochronology
  • Sea-surface temperature reconstructions using stable isotopes (δ18O), molecular biomarkers (lipid ketones), and trace element (Mg, Ca, etc) geochemistry
  • Carbon cycle and pCOreconstruction via boron isotope (δ11B)
  • Data analysis and interpretation using MATLAB, R, GIS-style Ocean Data View, etc.
  • Data visualization using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, etc


2016           Co-PI on Climate and Life Award to host pCO2 conference ($10,000)

2014            EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (NSF – $174,000)

2012             Departmental Graduate Fellow, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UCSC ($5,000)

2010-2011    Consortium for Ocean Leadership – Schlanger Ocean Drilling Program Fellow ($28,000)

2010             Outstanding Presentation Award, International Conference on Paleoceanography

2009             CDELSI (Center for the Dynamics and Evolution of the Land-Sea Interface) Research Award ($1,500)

2008             Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

2006-2007    CDELSI Research Fellowship ($15,000)

2006              Duncan Stewart Fellow, Carleton College 


    • Mass spectrometers, plasma spectrometers, use and maintenance, clean rooms, lab management
    • Quantitative data analysis, interpretation, and visualization


    • Invited speaker at PAGES Warmer Worlds workshop, Lessons from Paleoclimate for a possible 1.5-2ºC warmer world in the future (April, 2017, Bern, Switzerland)
    • Co-organized Cenozoic paleo-CO2 conference (March, 2017, Palisades, NY)
    • Chaired American Geophysical Union session: Phanerozoic Temperature and pCO2 at Fall Meeting (2016, San Francisco, CA)
    • Attended the Professional Development Workshop for NSF Postdoctoral Researchers and teaching workshop with Steven Pollock (2016, Boulder, CO)
    • Teaching for a Diverse Student Body Symposium, 2015
    • Presentations for local student Career Days, 2015
    • 2014 – 16  Interviewed NYC Earth Science teacher candidates for Math for America fellowships
    • 2014 – 16  Columbia University Postdoctoral Society, governance body for postdoctoral scientists
    • Contributed content for Columbia University’s Earth Institute blog
    • Geoscience Leadership Symposium, Washington DC (2013). Attended this weeklong workshop, met with members of Congress to discuss Earth Science issues, met with NSF staff members to discuss future proposals
    • Volunteer work, weekly mentoring for local middle-school students, 2010-present.
    • Reviewed 2-3 proposals per year for National Science Foundation, 2013-2014
    • Judged Regional High School Science Fair, Santa Cruz County Science Fair, 2012
    • American Geophysical Union annual meeting presenter: 2007-2015
    • Oceanography cruise aboard RV Knorr 195-5 in eastern Pacific, Spring 2009
    • Coordinated interdepartmental acquisition of new instrumentation, New Wave Micromill, Fall 2008
    • Submarine paleo-coral sampling aboard HURL (Hawaii Undersea Research Lab), Fall 2006
    • Taught environmental science curriculum to local grade-school students, (volunteer) 2003-06.
    • Oceanography cruise aboard SSV Robert C. Seamans in north Pacific, Spring 2004


Peer-reviewed publications (Contact me for non-commercial-use copies of published work)


Braun, K., Bar-Matthews, M., Zahn, R., Matthews, A., Avner, A., Cowling, R. M., Karkanas, P., Fisher, E., Zilberman, T., Dyez, K., Marean, C. W. A record of climate and environment between 463 and 41 ka from speleothem stable isotopic compositions at Pinnacle Point on the South African coast. Quaternary Research.


Fischer, H., Meissner, K., Mix, A., et al., including Dyez, KPalaeoclimate constraints on the impact of a 2 ºC anthropogenic warming and beyond (2018). Nature Geoscience. 25 June.

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Dyez, K. A., Koch, P., Ford, H., Schellenberg, S., Newsome, S., Hylkema, M. Mollusk geochemical records show stable late Holocene climate on the central California coast.

Selected Presentations

Dyez, K. A. (2016) Microfossil d11B as a proxy for orbital-scale pCO2 change in the early Pleistocene. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

Dyez, K. A., Hönisch, B. (2015) Climate sensitivity derived from orbital-scale, d11B-based pCO2 estimates in the early Pleistocene, ~1.5 Ma. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

Dyez, K. A. (2015) Tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperature variability in the Pleistocene. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Dyez, K. A., Zahn, R., Hall, I. R. (2014) Linking Agulhas Leakage Variability and North Atlantic Climate MIS 1-5e. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

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Dyez, K. A. and Zahn, R. (2013) Records of surface temperature and salinity show Agulhas leakage variability from the past ~80,000 years. International Conference on Paleoceanography, Sitges, Spain.

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Dyck, K. A.  (2006) High-resolution d18O, d13C and taphonomy records from Acropora cervicornis coral and implications for mid-Holocene climate: Las Clavellinas, Dominican Republic. Senior Thesis. Bound for internal reference, Carleton College, Northfield, MN.